Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quadrophenia, Transvestitism, and more Anarchy

I got Devon from Junkman's to pose this time with my Anarchy in Purple wings. Paige took the photos in and around my apartment.

They are now for sale on Etsy.

Meanwhile at Trader Joe's I was working on stuff for the latest Flyer, which dropped yesterday. The theme was early 1960's mod, the slogan was "Be Seen on the Green." I was assigned to make the big sign for the vestibule, or front entrance. It was supposed to be some new products sunning themselves in the park with sunglasses on and avoiding the paparazzi. The color scheme was orange, avocado green, and beige. I was also meant to make two decorative pieces to flank the vestibule sign that are giant polaroid photos of the products "getting caught." This is what I came up with.

You might be able to tell I watched the movie Quadrophenia while making this. Martyn and I decided if we had lived in those days he would have been a mod and I would have been a rocker, so I guess we would have had to have had a forbidden romance. Since I seem to side with the rockers so much I had to include some of them in my vestibule sign, even though in real life mods and rockers may have sooner killed each other than relax in a park together. I guess depicting gang wars is not exactly up to Trader Joe's standards.

Speaking of Trader Joe's, recently we were promoting Goddess dressing by having two crew members dress up as Goddesses and roam the store with samples. Here they are getting ready in the break room, and why I love working in Midtown.

Stephen is the one on the left and an experienced drag queen. He had to do Danny's makeup because it was his first time. I love how nervous Danny looks in this picture.

Stephen leans back to look at his work while Danny tests it out.

The wig (or "the rat".)

Jen is in the background here "mouth breathing".

And finally, enter the Goddess!

Danny totally rocked that role. So did Stephen the following day, despite my lack of pictures.