Monday, January 11, 2010

PBR Fairy Final Photo

Here is the photo that I just submitted to the PBR contest website:

I altered it a bit to make it look like it was taken with one of those hipster Holga cameras, hehe. Paige has a real Holga but I didn't want to bother her last night because I doubt she was up as late as I was.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Before I post my next blog, I thought I'd share some final Christmas photos from this past year and even longer ago because I have em.

First, a dumb photo of my bf who learned the hard way that putting candy canes into boiling hot chocolate amounts to very sticky nasal adornments:

Then me with major bed head during our first Christmas together:

Ms. Loon's first Christmas in her new apartment:

Fatty's first Christmas at his new apartment:

He loves it!

Martyn always does such a beautiful job wrapping presents, which makes me feel all the worse when I don't wrap stuff at all and unceremoniously hand crap to people.

Fatty sitting amongst the rubble:

Meanwhile Ms. Loon goes back to scowling from her perch as usual:

The aftermath (complete with Beatles Mono Box, which was more or less Martyn's Red Ryder BB Gun this year):

My Red Ryder came in the mail later; an official Jim Henson Muppet Whatnot from F.A.O. Schwartz that I designed after myself. Here she is pictured on the goblin couch complete with one of my Trader Joe's name tags and some pink doll hair which I dyed using my own hair dye and pinned into her hair:

Speaking of Trader Joe's, for part of the Christmas decorating campaign we gathered old Christmas photos of the crew which Heather then printed blown up to look like giant Polaroids and then hung from the ceiling. Here are the pictures my parents dug out of an old album and emailed to me for the project:

That one is probably my favorite, as it is from probably my favorite Christmas I can remember. Santa tracked his sooty boots all over our floor but he left me a stuffed Elliot from Pete's Dragon and a real house of my own. In that photo I was making my parents' good friend Terry Dietz breakfast. I just love how his head looks almost like it was Photoshopped in there for some reason.

Ugh. My grandma(Mimi) made me this getup. As you can guess by the photo, I was not a fan.

Me, Erin, Darby, Alpine. I guess I'm Santa or something...and why am I wearing a fanny pack?

Still with the fanny pack, and a stylish belt.

P.B.R. Contest

Shortly before Christmas, when Martyn's parents were visiting, we all went to an Irish Pub in Decatur. Lying on the bar we found fliers for a Pabst Blue Ribbon art contest. The prizes were not so bad, and I had already planned to make a PBR fairy at some point since PBR is the most hipster of beers. Last year I designed a Paul Banks of Interpol fairy as a possible birthday present for Paige. Even though she decided to go with the Stella fairy I drew instead, I still really liked the look of the Paul Banks fairy and figured I should use him for something eventually. Paul Banks and what I had in my head as the PBR fairy turned out to be pretty much one and the same, so I modified his design a little and used it for the contest. Here is the original sketch:

I probably should have taken some in progress pics of me making this sculpture like I usually do, but I had a very limited amount of time to make him after the holiday chaos was over. I made him from start to completion in about five to six days while working full time for most of those days so he was kind of a rush job. Luckily I didn't have to sacrifice the quality though, because I think he looks totally kick ass. I wanted to take the final photos where I though his natural environment might be--inside the Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta, on the bar. Last night Martyn and I took these: