Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nice Package

I still haven't had a day off over a weekend, so I still have not been able to meet with Paige and take photos of my new stuff. However, I have sold a fairy through my Etsy store--Hickey, who you may remember from an earlier post:

Yesterday I mailed her off. Now she's on her way to Germany, a place that I have scarcely even seen in photos. It's strange. Also strange that in a way I will miss that little bugger, who has been a bright dash of color atop my fairy supply taboret for quite a while now:

Someone also bought another one of my Chinese Golden dragon hatchlings on Etsy a few days later. I'm going to mail him out to California today.

I love selling creatures to people online. And I admit, I'm a bit of a nerd in the way that I also greatly enjoy packaging them and shipping them out. Every single aspect has got to be pretty, because there is something very exciting about getting stuff in the mail.

Now THAT'S a nice package.

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