Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An American Werewolf in Atlanta

Hello there. It's been forever since I posted here. I've made lots of stuff since. When I left off I was trying to figure out a style to make my illustrations for entry in the Trader Joe's Safety calendar competition. I didn't win, but hey, I tried my best. Here's what the illustrations I submitted ended up looking like.

Perhaps they are a bit too gritty for the Trader Joe's aesthetic, but I wouldn't have them any other way. I like the new style I've been messing around with and I'll be sure to use it again in the future with my own stuff.

I also at some point in time made another pair of almost-traditional fairy wings. They were super quick ones I call my "Earth Angel" wings, probably one of a kind since I made them for my friend Devon while watching a movie. They came out pretty nice though for something so fast and easy to make. You can sort of see them in these pictures Paige took of her.

I basically only made them because Devon was in town and we had not yet had her pose for a photoshoot. I'm still working on my own pair of wings and there will be more photoshoots on the way, but I have a feeling the ones in the nearest future are going to have a different theme to them--werewolves! Yep, I started my costumes early this year. I've already made some pretty decent Jack Goodman and David Kessler costumes from my favorite movie of all time, An American Werewolf in London. Since Paige is a short zombie lover with side swoosh bangs that likes to complain and I am a tall lumbering carnivorous lunatic with messy curls and a tendency for nudity we've always known that we are Jack and David.

I'm really surprised we never thought about this costume before. We dressed as the boys on the moors for the Little Five Points Halloween Parade this past Saturday. Our makeup was a strange mixture of drag and gore. I had never tried doing any FX makeup before so it was fun trying to come up with a way to do Jack's massive face and neck wound.

I ended up building around a rectangular neck wound appliance by Woochie called "chomped" with lots of liquid latex, pieces of sheer pantyhose, and of course fake blood. Here's my version of Rick Baker's makeup.

Reflection in a mirror, of course. Like some sort of undead Myspace profile pic.

Though the Jack makeup definitely got the most attention, I thought my David getup came out alright too.

Mmmm, that medium rare Tazmanian Devil burger was so worth the wait for the Vortex. A happy werewolf was I.

I really like the wig I found for this, it really completed the awkward young Jewish werewolf look.

Here's a shot of my dude makeup that completely fooled half the people at The Junkman's Daughter.

They had no idea who I was and I hang out with these people all the time. It's amazing how a few carefully placed marks with an eyeliner pencil can completely change peoples' perception of gender.


Rawr! That's me with the amazing Japanese poster for the movie, which is now in my living room. And here's a final shot of me looking lost.

I'm glad there's at least one shot of the feet so far. I can't wait wear them with my other costume as well, which will be a more involved punk-rock-shewolf or basically me as a werewolf. I'll be trying that one out for the first time this Saturday (which is of course, a full moon.) Will post pictures as soon as I have them!

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  1. Pure genius. Fantastic job on the Jack make-up. I feel inspired for next Halloween. :)