Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's the Hour of the Wolf and I Don't Wanna Die!

Hello. So Paige just posted a bunch of photos on Facebook of our Halloween costumes this past weekend. Since all of them were frickin brilliant, here is all of them in the order they were posted.

I wanted her to take these pictures for Martin Millar, author of the book I am reading, Curse of the Wolf Girl (the sequel to Lonely Wolf Girl.) His books feature punk rock werewolves with colorful hair and were also the inspiration for this costume.

Hutch as Bob Dylan.

Here's a disturbing crossover fanfic slash couple for you--David Kessler the American Werewolf and Scott Howard the Teen Wolf.

Haha, Teen Wolf drinks PBR.

What a hipster.

Me looking quite mannish and retarded.

Stiles the Wolf Buddy.

He matches the decor.


Look at these fucking werewolf hipsters.

Another crossover story: the lycanthrope that attacked David and Jack on the moors was in fact Teen Wolf!

The cool kids.

The butt.

Hey kids, don't do drugs!

"Sean, I think there are some hooligans in the park again."

What a couple of jackasses.

80's werewolf movie smackdown DERP!

So vicious!

Precious kitty!

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  1. Brilliant! I love those pics. Being a big fan of Martin Millar and An American Werewolf in London this was just heavenly. Wonderful work. Your punk Kalix inspired werewolf costume rocks! This cheered me up no end today. Thank you. :D