Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Back (In...Pink?)

At long last, I am back. This has really been the year from hell, or rather a really bad and depressing book of my life that is finally over. Not my life, the author's depression or sadism or whatever it was that made them want to write about my dog dying right after I graduated college, my dismal long-distance relationship as I lived with my parents in suburbia for a year and waited for Martyn to get out of Savannah, my Dad's cancer incident, the horrific jobs, job hunting, and job transitioning, various family drama, Martyn's also difficult job hunt, and finally the battle with Martyn's parents to cosign for him so we could move into the apartment (which was only defeated by Devon's father who swooped in out of the blue and handled it before we had to wait another minute for them to cooperate.) Now we are IN THERE and it's FUCKING AWESOME. After we had already waited a year just to be together we decided not to rush into things and settle for the first place we saw. Martyn was, after all, still looking for a job at that point. So we had a look around and didn't even have to look that far until we found THE ONE. It's a mile from my work and right behind Little Five, which was the major thing. We don't even have to drive there if we don't feel like it--which is super convenient because Martyn now works at Junkman's Daughter. Our place was built in the 50's, so even though it's an apartment it feels like one of my old houses--hardwood floors that squeak, firestone-mug-green tiles in the bathroom, black and white checkered floor in the kitchen, brass doorknobs, clumpy white lead paint in the windowsills and everything. We painted it before we moved all our stuff in with bright, solid comic book colors. We even got a retro 1950's diner bar table and chairs and a cat clock with a swinging tail to go in our smurf-blue kitchen. Everything about our place is completely badass, even our shower curtain (which is covered with classic Sailor Jerry tattoo flash.) Our living room is green, our art room is bright yellow (WE HAVE AN ART ROOM), our bedroom is fire engine red with black and white striped bedding. Everywhere you look there are action figures, fairies, posters, CDs and records. I love it. Anyway...

Now that I'm getting my own life back I plan on creating more artwork. If you recall, this one's been on hold ever since before I got my new job (which is going well, thanks for inquiring.) It only needed another like ten minutes left until it was finished, but chaos pretty much ruled over everything until now. So here it is. More soon to come.

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