Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ride A White Swan: The Marc Fairy

Hey--I just thought I'd drop by to say what I'm working on now. I don't have much time to write before I go to work but it's going to be a Marc Bolan fairy riding a swan. First I made the swan out of a large styrofoam egg, rabbit fur, feathers, fluffy pipe cleaners, wire, leather and Fimo. Before:


I wanted to take in-between photos but I had lost my camera until yesterday. The swan is pretty big, in case you can't tell--not quite life-sized but about the size of a large seagull at least. I need to get someone to hold the camera for me next time because I can't even get the whole thing in the shot!

Unfortunately it really looks like a dead bird on my desk.

And a close up:

Oops, gotta go--to be continued!

Ok, I'm back, and I plan to spend today (my day off) working on Marc. So far I've just made his head. Here are the pictures I took of it yesterday after I found the camera:

The likeness is alright I suppose, though it's hard to tell with no eyebrows or his signature hair. Also keep in mind that his face is roughly the size of a thumbnail, so it was pretty difficult to sculpt a portrait that tiny. I made this out of a half and half Super Sculpey-Cernit mix, by the way, and the color of the Cernit clay is 'biscuit'. It's a really nice mix since the bisquit is a little too light for Marc's skin tone and the flesh color of the Super-Sculpey is a little too dark. Also I've found that the Cernit is super hard to mold but helps retain small details because it stays in place so well, while the Sculpey is really easy to work with normally but can be frustratingly soft for realism at this scale. The mix I'm using has the best of both clays.

Marc after I gave him ears. If you've ever seen a picture of Marc with his ears showing you might know how they're a little elfish naturally, though I did exaggerate them a bit. His eyes are glass and from Jerry Hutchins at glasseyesonline.com, the same manufacturer that sent me his defects for my Ziggy fairy. Eyes from this guy always look unnervingly realistic when they are in a sculpture. He's also really reasonably priced--this is his store.
Marc's eyes are his '3mm green'.

Now that he is baked the Marc head is awaiting me on my desk in a creepy fashion:

Better get back to work.

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