Friday, September 25, 2009

Chant Of The Ever Creepy Skeleton Man

On Wednesday I measured the Marc head against a diagram in a figure drawing book that appeared to be the same size, which saved me the step of drawing it out this time. Marc's proportions were more similar to that of a shorter woman in the book than an 'average' male (seven and a half heads tall rather than eight) so that is what I used. I was even able to double check it using a similarly scaled picture of Marc in a photograph I found.


Anyway, I then proceeded to make a horrifying skeletal armature:

I left out some extra length in his arms and legs to account for his wrists and ankles this time, which I always end up making too long. I don't mind if his head hands and feet are a little too big because that's how I like to make 'em.

Last I added a neck, shoulders, and rudimentary rib cage and pelvis before throwing him back in the oven. Now I will have something substantial to build upon when I get back to it. In the meantime he will remain a creepy skeletal zombie man on my desk.

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