Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making Christmas Lalala

Hi and Merry (late) Christmas! Here's a general overview of what I've been up to in December.

The family matruska portraits, commissioned by Edwin at work:

Edwin's family, painted in acrylic over matruska dolls he purchased at Target. They were a Christmas gift for his wife. Cool idea, I thought. He always has cool ideas.

Meanwhile I was working on my first pair of human-sized fairy wings for Paige's Christmas present. I am eventually going to make several different variations and sell them in my Etsy store and in The Junkman's Daughter. People always told me that they loved my Glam Fairies' wings, particularly the more punk-rock inspired ones (as seen on Hickey and Puke), so I figured it was about time that I made some large wearable wings. Here are some in-progress pictures of the ones I made for Paige:

The frame is shaped so that someone could slip the wings into a corset or tight-fitting shirt if they didn't feel like wearing straps. The veins are super lightweight wire which I sculpted and then covered in some old red acetate I found in my closet.

I draped fabric and scraps that remind me of Paige over the framework.

Then I sewed it all together, added more scraps and baubles, and set the wings on fire several times to add visual interest. Well and I just like lighting stuff on fire. The wings are complete now and Paige has them. As soon as we hang out again I'll post pictures of the finished product.

The other thing I was working on was Hutch's Christmas present which Paige has been asking me to make for him forever. It's a Glam Fairy of Klaus Nomi, an avant garde German singer, performer, and pastry chef that was a friend of David Bowie's. Hutch loves him for his distinctive look and operatic voice. This is what the real Klaus looked like:

And here are the obligatory in-progress photos of little Klaus:

I don't have many of these because next are some quick snapshots of the finished product before he went to Paige and Hutch's:

More photos soon to come.

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