Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doll In Progress: Corset And Undies

More in progress. I made Doll's corset and undies last night. The corset was a bitch to make. Had never used leather punch before, and lacing together such a small thing was pretty painful, especially when the little 'gromits' started popping off. Doll doesn't exactly fit into his corset, just don't tell him that. I started off with just two strips of leather that I measured using the draping method (if leather could drape.) The notch thing is where his left arm goes. Then I punched the holes.

Next I measured two stripes of red vinyl and attached them with Fabritac, hot glue and super glue, just to be safe.

Last I attached the gromity things and laced red cord through the front of the corset. I actually didn't have any small red cord at first and didn't realize this until late at night. Not wanting to take a trip to Wal-mart, I took apart a spare piece of intricate trim I had lying around. It worked.

(Also note the vinyl undies above, which were a hell of a lot easier to make.) After I had laced the corset through the front and placed it over his chest, I threaded more red cord through the back holes and pulled the whole thing tight with a bow. Side view, so you can see the alternating stripes:

And a back view, because apparently all of my blogs end with those. He's not really a thong man and I didn't want to cover up the kiss on his cheek, so he's sort of got a wedgie and his panties in a twist. That also works for him.

Tonight I've got to make his garter belt, his necklace, and a few other small details. Then all I will have left is his wings, his feather boa, and his ticket of authenticity.

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