Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stella And The Flab Four

I said that I would post these things, so here they are: Stella and the Flab Four. I've also been working on some profile pictures of Pinky Dandy for his future Facebook and Myspace page. So far I've just got some in-progress sketches. It's basically just been a crazy week of going to Savannah during St. Pattie's Day weekend so Paige could get a puppy and then going back to work and finding out that it sucks and I need to quit (more details than you even want to know in my Myspace blog, since that has become the designated bitchin' spot.) Now Devon is visiting for the weekend and we're staying with Paige to give my Dad and his cancer some space. Martyn is also coming up for the weekend tomorrow. I will still try to draw while they're here. Ok, TRY. I'm not promising anything, ok?

The Flab Four:

Martyn laughs the hardest whenever he looks at Paul. I guess it is sort of amusing how excited he is about that hamburger.

Stella, Paige's fat and dumb cat:

And this is the hideous side of her:

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