Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yeah...blogs are lame, but as time went by I came to the realization that I have got to get one. I mean, other than that screechy-whiny thing I have on Myspace of course. That one can continue to mark the progress of my mental instability, this one can be an in-progress of actual, 'legitimate' artwork. I am used to keeping physical journals and have done nearly all my life, complete with hand-drawn illustrations of every day's oddities. Unfortunately, those take a lot longer to write, don't include the option of posting images of my stuff, and don't get me nearly as much attention. I do love attention. So there you have it--modern world 1, old world 0. Drat again.

Anyway, as far as this blog having a point goes, I did recently complete some artwork. As a reward for Martyn for his pimping of my portfolio website I promised him a drawing of whatever his heart desired. Apparently his heart desired me to draw a group shot of the famous Fab Four. That seemed like a fairly normal request, the Beatles maniac that he is. However, nothing is ever normal with Martyn, and he told me that he wanted them all to be morbidly obese and called the Flab Four ("the all-fat-guy-Beatles-tribute-band.") I sighed, did the drawing, and when I presented it to him he simply could not stop laughing. Like for five minutes. He really has a mental deficiency. I would post the drawing in this blog but I made the mistake of not scanning it first and leaving it up to him to email me the file. He hasn't done it yet because he is probably still laughing. Ah well, another time, I promise.

I also need to get a photo of a sculpture I completed late last night. I knew that Paige wanted a fairy from me for her birthday so I drew up a few designs in my sketchbook and let her pick one. She chose a hideous winged creature that was strongly based on her hideous cat, Stella. I finished it around one in the morning, which is coincidentally the same time that Paige and Hutch arrived at my house to stay the night because of a massive fire that broke out in the street near where they live and caused all of the power to go out in their area. I sort of just handed the thing to her as she came in the door without photographing it first, but luckily Paige happens to be a photographer, so I'm sure that something can be arranged.

What I do have are pictures of some other drawings by Martyn's request that are theoretical sketches of what Marc Bolan might have looked like if he had not had the accident and was still around today. He would have been sixty-one years old.

That's not a tie, it's one of those riding scarves that people used to wear driving around the turn of the century--those are cool. He actually looks a bit pissed off to me, which isn't very him, so I also decided to make a less serious version:

Now he's wearing that ridiculous unicorn shirt from I don't know how plausible that is, but it seems to suit him somehow.

I guess I might as well post my other fairy sculptures here too, even though it's been over a month since I finished the last one. For those of you that don't know, I'm working on a series of polymer OOAK (that's ebay for one-of-a-kind, or no molds used) fairy figures that are based on 70's rock and alternative fashion. I call them Glam Fairies, although not all of them are Glam and not all of them are really fairies. I just liked the name. This is the first one I made, the Ziggy Fairy:

The idea is that he's not really Ziggy, he's just a fairy impersonating him because fairies like rock and roll and are possibly the inventors of Glam Rock (which would explain why it is so sparkly.)

Then there is Puke, the Unidentified Flying Bastard:

He prefers his beer bubble-side down and uses his magic spittle to reverse the polarity of the drink so that the foam is on the bottom. Unfortunately his spittle also contains a mild toxin that ensures that if your beer is the unfortunate one he chooses to drink from, it will be your last of the night before running off to the toilet.

And lastly there is Hickey, "The World's Smallest, Dumbest Groupie":

She steals lipstick out of purses, wears entirely too much of it, commonly mistakes people for her favorite rock stars, and then leaves a trademark greasy stain on the neck to distinguish her love from the affections of other groupies. The mark bears her name and is impossible to remove for several days or even cover up with concealer.

Well I guess that's it for now. I also have an Etsy store:

Buy Handmade

Check that out while you're waiting for me to post those other things I mentioned.!

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