Thursday, April 2, 2009

Doll Complete

Later I will post real quality pictures on Deviantart, Etsy and the like. Paige was going to photograph him tonight but the SCAD photo room was closed mysteriously. Go figure.

I also have written the story/description of Doll for anywhere I plan on posting him. Here it is:


Meet Doll. He’s just a sweet transvestite from New York that’s looking for a kiss. Formally known as Frank Fratelli, he was named after Frank Sinatra and has gone by many other names over the years. Among the members of the notorious and extended Fratelli family his nickname was Frankie. Despite how tough the family ‘business’ could get at times, Frankie’s skin was always so nice and smooth, his boyish face intact. For this reason he was often called Frankie Dollface, or sometimes just Doll for short. It has never been considered a good thing in the family to a pretty boy, but the Fratellis do take pride in their expensive suits and haircuts. Always looking professional no matter how dirty the job gets is a major aspect of the Fratelli creed. Doll just takes it one step farther by raiding women’s closets. He particularly loves shoes. I found him basking in my left shoe one day (I think he was attracted to the glitter) and he told me his life story. That is how I know his secret—that he is Frankie Dollface by day, and The Incomparable Doll by night in the local burlesque clubs. Now that you also know his secret I would suggest that you do not tell anyone else. Doll would not like to disappoint his mother and may be forced to make you say hello to his little friend.

Doll is number four in my Glam Fairies series. He is sculpted out of a special mixture of Studio by Sculpey and Sculpey III polymer clays over a strong metal armature. He is six and a half inches long in his reclining position and would be approximately eight inches tall if he were standing. Doll’s dark brown eyes are made of glass. His platinum blonde hair is extremely soft and fine because it is made from a cultivated silk brick. His skin has been lightly blushed with Genesis paints, his tattoos then inked in acrylic. He has a large heart on his left pectoral that reads “Ma”, knuckle tattoos that read “Dollface”, and a Rocky Horror style prison tattoo on his right thigh. The signature red kiss of Quarley that identifies him as a one-of-a-kind edition to the Glam Fairies line is located on his right cheek (no, not on his face.) Doll is wearing a real corset that has been crafted from leather. His undies are black vinyl; his garter belt and fishnets are recycled lace and tulle. Doll’s wings are made of pretty much all of the above and are flexible so that they can wrap around him while he is resting or unfurl when he is ready for flight. Doll’s shoes are Barbie heels that have been painted and modified to suit his needs. In his left hand he holds a feather fan and in his right hand he wields a whip. Doll comes with a ticket of authenticity that has been autographed by the artist and a copy of the original sketch when he was still in the design phase. He is very talkative and would like to share his story with whoever adopts him, or whoever will listen to him. He has pretty much moved into my shoe by now and has even constructed a makeshift bed out of an old feather boa from one of his performances. I would ask him to leave, but I don’t want to die.

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