Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pinky Myspace Photo #1

Here's Pinky's first profile picture for Myspace and Facebook. I am going to try to do one of these a week, so this week's already taken care of. This weekend I am going to paint a portrait of a neighbor's corgi, Teddy. He is recently deceased due to pretty tragic circumstances and he was like a son to this lady, who doesn't have any actual children. A few neighbors went in and commissioned me to do a painting of Teddy for her. I'm thinking watercolors because they are by far the most delicate and sentimental medium. So that's my next project-within-a-project.


  1. I just passed through your blog, as i noticed you liked Martin Scott (or was it Steve Aylett?- i forget now...*embarrassed at my own laziness for not going back to look* )

    Fascinated by your delightful drawings, and smiled loudly when i saw you mention Coraline (the movie adaptation has yet to appear in the UK, alas).

    This picture kind of scares me and amuses me all at once.

    As you are a lover of fairies, it seems, i will quickly as i can relate to you something about my local area for your pleasure.

    Here in Lancashire, we have a particularly wicked kind of fary folk, called Boggarts, which seem to be solitary and ugly creatures with a good degree of ungratefulness.

    More particularly near my home, on the high moors, there is a valley called Thursden, which either means The Valley of Thor, or The Valley of Thurses, a particular brand of fairy, of which i know little, alas.

    Wishing you well

    PS: must leave you with a quote from a great and hidden comedian called Simon Munnery, which i love immensely.
    ""All artists are willing to suffer for their art. So few are willing to learn to draw."

  2. replying to your comment on my blog... Yeah, that's exactly what i like about Martin Scott aka Martin Millar (God i hope i haven't got my names mixed up now... my best friend always laughs at me for mixing names like the actors Anthony's Hopkins and Perkins.

    I loved him first for the Thraxas novels. Then read Lonely Werewolf Girl and those rock crazy fairies in NY. Once i start reading his books, i am completely unable to put them down until i finish them. The same with everything written by Gaiman.

    Incidentally, i wonder if you've ever read "The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break" by Steven Sherrill. It's in a similar genre, although the writing style has more of a darkly humorous feel to it.