Monday, April 6, 2009


So Paige and I made it to Scad last Thursday...only to find that the photo room was closed, despite the claims that it would be open. So not so much progress on the photos of Doll. Will take some this weekend though.

Fluke was not bad. I only got mercilessly hit on by a couple of nerds and no one tried to talk Transformers with me. Martyn and I had the most confusing table by far with such a strange variety of content on such a small surface. It worked though--my creepy glittery sculptures lured people in and then they realized that Martyn's minicomics are really cool despite being so...well, mini. They especially went for his three-dimensional pop-up comic of Andy the Retard in Donkey Kong and his 'Infinity Comix' which he has cleverly folded in a way that the story loops and goes on for infinity. I don't even understand how they work, but each panel opens in a different way until it brings you back to the beginning and then the story starts over. They are insane just like my B.F. He sold a lot of comics and I sold a Chinese Golden dragon, a phoenix hatchling, a unicorn horn, and a ton of wisher whatsits. After Fluke was finished we roamed over to the park next door as the sun was setting and just laid in the grass. Then we went to a few shops and met up with Martyn's good friend John for Thai food. Martyn bought John dinner because he was nice enough to let us stay with him. It was a good day.

Anyway, until I have pictures of Doll or any actual artwork to show for myself here are the pictures I took of our table at Fluke:

See? Definitely a strange variety...

A happy Martyn with comics and Stongbow. My favorite part about Fluke was that it was in a bar that had Strongbow on tap.

The fabled pop-up Donkey Kong themed Andy the Retard comic:

A close up of Andy reaching the last level. That's Mel, his G.F. She is not meant to be me, contrary to popular belief--Martyn designed Mel before he met me. I guess I'm just his type. The fat guy is James, a hateful human being that wants Mel for himself. I would say he is Andy's enemy, but Andy actually thinks he's cool.

If you want to actually read some of Martyn's comics you can see most of them on his blogs. His most recent is his journal comic which is nonfiction for the most part and about his everyday life (bottom row middle on his display below.) I'm a character in it, of course.

Also there's Andy the Retard, which would be a blatant Mary Sue character if not for the fact that a Mary Sue is usually a better version of yourself. Martyn still draws Andy from time to time but you can see the archive, along with some other stuff, here.

Martyn built a pretty cool display for all his minis:

An overexposed close up of my stuff:

Martyn had a lot of fun. It was like a dream come true for him. Yeah...he's a nerd, but his British accent he's more of a nuhd

My friend Charles also had a table with some of his friends. He was selling cookies, so I bought some. They were great.

I thanked him with a unicorn horn. I had to, he played my feral pantsless love interest in our 80's Legend/American Werewolf in London/Pretty in Pink spoof movie so well. That was a long time ago now. Ah, the sparkly memories...

The bar where Fluke was held was called Tasty World, by the way.

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  1. Howdy; A FLUKE organizer here. Thanks for coming out to the show. My wife got our daughter to get one of the phoenix hatchlings for my birthday, which now sits on atop my bookshelf.

    I think one of you may have left part of a display make of black foam board behind. I doubt it's worth mailing, but one of the Tasty World bartenders handed it to me on the way out. Just thought I'd let you know.