Monday, April 13, 2009

Final Doll Photos

So today began shorty after a large tree split in two in the back yard and blew down a hill, smashing into a few other trees and narrowly missing the fence that divides our house from a busy street. None of this woke me up however, because I was too busy having a nightmare about my boss being an Other Mother-like monster that impersonated one of my friends in order to kill me. No matter how far I ran and how great my hiding places were, she would always eventually find me. I knew this, so by the end of this dream when I heard her footsteps clicking up the stairs of the old attic I was hiding in I just accepted my fate and let her take me. I should have known that this was a sign, because an hour so or later I heard back from both of the promising jobs that I interviewed for extensively last week and found out that I didn't get either one. I was so confident that I was finally going to be rescued from my current dead-end art slave profession that his was a much a harder blow for me than it was for the tree. In addition to that, my Dad still has cancer and feels like crap, and my entire family (myself included) are severely depressed because of this. They were so excited for me too; and they really didn't need to hear any more bad news at the moment. It just doesn't seem fair. I guess nothing in life ever is.

The one good thing about today is Paige sent me those photos of Doll. Here they are:

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